Hi! My name is Julie. You can call me Commissioner, Flash, or Jules if you prefer. I’ve been in this industry for quite a while and have had the privilege of working with some of the brightest and most talented minds in the business. My career has spanned two economic booms and their subsequent busts, multiple agencies, dozens of clients, two cities, and nine years of successful freelancing. 
If I wasn’t a creative director, née writer, I would be a pastry chef. For reals. This often makes me very popular with my teams because they’re the recipients of my recreational baking. I totally mean to brag when I say I’m a pretty good baker. I’ve even made three wedding cakes. 
I was born and raised in NorCal, but I have the soul of a New Yorker, which doesn’t really mean much except that I have a bicoastal personality. When I moved to Los Angeles, I always expected to move back to San Francisco at some point in the not-so-distant future. However, what they forget to tell people is that Los Angeles is really darn pleasant. So I’m here for good. Or for evil, occasionally. Unless you'd like to make me an offer I can't refuse, and then we should definitely talk.
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